Palace and park in Roztocznik

The impressive complex includes the palace and a park with two ponds. The most interesting part of the park is located southeast of the palace. You can see here is not only the original English style park with hedges of and alleys, but also exotic plants and historical trees. The collection of historical trees in the "Royal corner" (Królewski Zakątek) of the park includes a group of 8 oaks - monuments of nature, each given a royal name of a Polish king by the municipal educational institutions: Boleslaw, Mieszko, Kazimierz, Wladyslaw, Zygmunt, Jan, Lech and Stefan. The park also has other valuable monuments of nature: the oaks Hephaestus, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, Ares and Dionysus, the small leaved linden Barbara the ash Lucjan. The palace itself dates from the nineteenth century and is the result of a thorough reconstruction of the previous manor house when it was given its present Neo-Baroque features. Today, it is restored, and since WWII, it had been protected from devastation due to the location of an agricultural school in its interiors in 1945.

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