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„Gorko Golf & Country Club” Jędrzejowice

Jędrzejowice 20, Jędrzejowice
+48 74 850 59 74, +48 514 382 751, +48 505 619 501

The golf course 'Gorko Golf & Country Club' is picturesquely situated at the foot of Mt. Ślęża and is the perfect place to relax. The hotel has a professionally designed nine-golf course, tennis...

Ziołowa teahouse

ul.św.Jakuba 26 , Sobótka
536 743 666

  A unique place in the center of Sobótka, a large selection of delicious teas, a handicraft and gift shop, a meeting place and cultural events. Cozy place and great atmosphere.

Wojsławice Arboretum

Wojsławice 2, Niemcza
+48 71 322 59 57

The Wojsławice Arboretum has since 1988 served as a branch of the Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław. The garden covers an area of 62 ha, including a historic park and a orchard with old...

Wiezyca restaurant brewery

ul.Armii Krajowej 13, Sobótka

WIEŻYCA restaurant brewery, brews lager beer and a series of special, occasional beers. Brewers are invited to brewery.

Water tower

ul. Wichrowa, Strzelin
+48 71 7936997, +48 888743544.

Built on the hill Góra Szańcowa, the former water tower has served as an observation tower since 2010. The tower is open for visitors from Monday through Friday after prior phone arrangement.

Villa Sobótka

ul.Wrocławska 50, Sobótka
+48 713 071 555

Villa Sobotka Center has been adapted to support the elderly and disabled people who use wheelchairs or are blind / visually impaired. Access communications, escape routes and rooms will be...

Town hall Niemcza

Rynek 10, Niemcza
74 83 76 280

The original town hall from 1652 was located in the southern part of the market, but it was destroyed in a great fire of 1853. In 1865, the foundation stone was laid for a new building, which was...

Town hall

+48 71 3921543

The tower of the town hall was demolished in 2011 and made open for visitors. The original 14th-century town hall was burned in 1945, when the tower was blown up. In the 1950s, its remains were...

Tower on Gromnik hill


The tower with an observation deck was built on Mt. Gromnik in 2012 on the spot where an inn and observation tower were demolished in 1945. Initially, in the 15th century, Hans and Optitz Czirn, who...