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Richthofen family motruary chapel in Piotrówek


The structure, which today serves as an affiliated church, was built in 1903 as a Richthofen family motruary chapel on a hill near the palace. It is a neoclassical building. The tympanum (decorated...

Pestilence shrine in Uciechów


Pestilence shrine in Uciechów comes from 1700 and was funded by the then owner of the village of Baron Christopher von Almesloe. It is a white painted brick shrine covered by a rectagonal roof topped...

Old shrine and cemetery in Trestno

ul. Nadodrzańska , Trestno

A small historic Evangelical cemetery with a brick chapel. Some tombs come from the turn of the 20th century.

Mortuary Chapels in Ręków


The two chapels were erected mortuary chapels on tombs, designed by architect Carl Lüdecke. The north one was built in 1869 for the family von Mutius, and the south one is the tomb of the Harrach...

Chapel in Strzeblów

ul.Torowa, Sobótka

Chapel dated 1593, reconstructed with stone bricks in 1933-1934, square shaped, approx. 5 m height.

Chapel in Glinica


The late 18th century chapel contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. It is a so-called reconciliation chapel. They were built from the Middle Ages founded by murderers following 'conciliation treaties'...

Cementery chapel in Domanice


The chapel dates from 1856. It was built according to the design by August Stüler. Initially, it served as a mausoleum.