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Guesthouse „Ślężański Młyn” with stables Szczepanów

Szczepanów 30, Szczepanów
+4874 850 77 09

The hotel, restaurant and a stables are located in the buildings of the former water mill built in 1845. The ruined building was purchased by its new owners 2000 and carefully repaired. A pond fed...

„Stacjonata” stable Stróża

ul. Rzeczna 13, Stróża
+48 512 078 897, +48 602 398 010

This small stable offers recreational horse rides for children and adults, both in the riding school and in the field, pony rides for children and the opportunity of sports training.

„Dubelbar Zdrój” Przerzeczyn Zdrój

Piotrkówek 2, Przerzeczyn Zdrój

The Dubelbar Equestrian Center is located in a small picturesque village Piotrkówek near Niemcza. It offers horse rides center, a horse hotel, working with horses and hippotherapy. In the complex...

The stables of the Equestrian Society "Horyzont” Sobótka Górka

ul. Świdnicka 50, Sobótka Górka
+48 603 040 145, +48 663 469 710

The stables of the Equestrian Society "Horyzont" lies at the foot of Mt. Ślęża, among 300-year-old oak trees. On one side there is a mountain stream flowing down the mountain slope. The society...

The Horse Island Ostroszowice

ul. Polna 15, Ostroszowice
+48 798041683

The Horse Island is riding club, picturesquely located among the natural beauty of the Sowie Mountains foothills. It offers horse rides and riding lessons, as well as the Horse Academy, which is an...

Royal Riding Club "Wiktoria"

Chrzanów 3b, Kobierzyce
+48 694574493, +48 71 3111637

The Royal Riding Club "Wiktoria" offers horse riding lessons for beginners, as well as advanced classes, private tuition, rides across nearby forest clearings belonging to the club, and pony rides...

Riding Club "Rancho Groblice"

ul. Parkowa 1, Groblice
+48 71 3115575, +48 509273369

"Rancho Groblice" offers horseback rides on large horses for beginners and advanced riders. Kids can learn riding on ponies. Apart from riding lessons in the school, open field ones are available....

Riding club

ul. Lipowa 9, Smolec
48 606 792 589

The equestrian facility in Smolec offers a horse motel, which consists of 8 stalls in loose boxes and 9 boxes in stalls. The riders can access grassy and earth paddocks, an outdoor riding pen, a...

Horse facility "Durok"

Durok 1, Święta Katarzyna
+48 697610840

The horse farm "Durok" offers riding lessons for beginners on the lunge, and for more advanced riders, it opens its riding school and the grounds in the surrounding forest. There is also a 24/7 horse...

Horse facility "Batanka"

ul. Świętego Józefa 11, Magnice
+48 790561905, +48 607872158

The horse facility "Batanka" offers horse riding lessons, horse stabling, photo sessions with horses, and manufacture of labels for horse boxes. Currently, it has 5 horses for riding lessons. The...