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Pizzeria/kawiarnia „Peleton” Sobótka

ul. Gałczyńskiego 20, Sobótka
+48 71 316 20 50

The owner of the establishment is Mark Crow, one of the best Polish bicycle racers, hence the name of the restaurant. The speciality are pizzas from the wood oven, but the menu also includes...

Ice-cream parlor of Ms. Pisowadzka-Woroniecka

ul. Sienkiewicza 46, Strzelin

The ice cream is made on the spot in the icecream machine.

Cafe and ice-cream parlor "Tony"

ul. Bolka I Świdnickiego 10, Strzelin
+48 692037132

The menu of this coffee shop situated on the ground floor of an old house lists not only all kinds of ice-creams, desserts, sweet snacks and cakes but also aromatic coffee and other drinks. The cafe...

Bakery and pastry shop M.Bąkowski Rogów Sobócki

ul. Wrocławska 55, Rogów Sobócki
+48 71 316 26 38

The bakery and pastry shop "Bąkowski" is a family company with a long tradition and experience. It is located in a building which has been a bakery for more than 130 years. The bread is made from...