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The Waterloo Museum in Krobielowice

Krobielowice 21, Krobielowice
+48 71 3166114

The palace was built in the 16th century on the site of a 14th-c. defensive structure. In the years 1699-1704 it was reconstructed and given its present form. The Waterloo Museum, located in the...

The Moravian Brothers Chamber of Memory in Piława Górna

Piastó Śląskich 4/19, Pilawa Gorna
517 665 132

   The Moravian Brethren Memorial Chamber We invite you to visit - the first in Poland - the Moravian Brethren Memorial Chamber, which opened on 31 January 2020 at 4 Piastów...

Regional History Chamber

Rynek 2, Kąty Wrocławskie
+48 605066481

The Regional History Chamber was created thanks to the efforts of the Association of the Lovers of the Kąty Region and is located on the first floor of the former Evangelical church. It exhibits...

Museum of Carts and Carriages in Galowice

ul. Leśna 5 , Galowice

The Museum of Carts and Carriages in Galowice is located in a former grange. The museum also restored a historic half-timbered granary from 1730 to exhibit there as well. The granary is the last...

Automotive Museum

ul. Główna 12, Ślęza
+48 71 771 99 99

The Automobile Museum, located in the castle Topacz, presents the history of Polish and foreign motorization. You can see the pre-WWII Polish cars, such as the Fiat 508, motorbikes such as the WFM...

Treasures of the Kobierzyce region

Al. Pałacowa 1, Kobierzyce

The Municipal Office located in the palace in Kobierzyce hosts an exhibition showing the finds discovered during the construction of a bypass motorway near Domasław. More than 100 cremation burials...

Topacz castle

ul. Główna 12, Ślęza
+48 71 7719999

"Topacz" castle's history dates back to the 14th century, when it was built by the Templar Knights as a defensive and residential tower. Today it houses a four-star hotel and a conference center with...

Stanisław Dunajewski Ślężańskie Museum in Sobótka

ul. Św. Jakuba 18, Sobótka
+48 71 316 26 22

The Stanisław Dunajewski Ślężańskie Museum in Sobótka has its seat in the so-called 'Abbot's house', a former hospital built in 1568. The museum collects and presents collections of archeological,...

Solid Minerals exposition

ul. Kamienna 10, Strzelin
+48 71 3923016

A small, yet outstanding exhibition presents the abundance of the hills Wzgórza Strzelińskie and Wzgórza Lipowe rocks and minerals. It was jointly prepared by scientists from the University of...