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Wojsławice Arboretum

Wojsławice 2, Niemcza
+48 71 322 59 57

The Wojsławice Arboretum has since 1988 served as a branch of the Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław. The garden covers an area of 62 ha, including a historic park and a orchard with old...

The peak of Mt.Ślęża


The highest peak of the Ślęża Massif (718 m asl). From the Bronze Age tor the advent of Christianity in these lands, the mountain was a center of Pagan solar worship. The development of the sanctuary...

The Monk – a sacred stone sculpture in Sobótka


The Monk is a stone sculpture made of local granite, 270 cm tall, with a shape resembling a bowling skittle or a high vessel. On the basis and the head, signs of a diagonal cross are engraved....

Sulicamp - leisure complex

ul.Wypoczynkowa 6, Sulistrowice
530 721 048, +48 71 316 26 04.

SuliCamp holiday complex. SuliCamp is located directly on the Sulistrowicki Reservoir at the foot of the Ślęża Massif. It is a unique place distinguished by a very interesting location and...

Landscape Park of the Bystrzyca Valley

Kąty Wrocławskie

The landscape park Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bystrzycy was created in 1998. It is located in the municipalities of Wrocław, Kąty Wrocławskie, Mietków and Sobótka. Its central part is the riverbed of...

Lake in Łagiewniki


The artificial lake was built between 1947-1948 in the valley of the brook Krzywula. It has an area of 12 hectares and the deepest point reaches more than 7 m. The idea behind the creation of the...

Lake in Jordanów Śląski

Jordanów Śląski

The lake is a large reservoir (its size is approx. 12 ha), adjacent to the riverbed of Ślęża. It is valued by anglers and subject to the Polish Anglers Association in Wrocław. There is a possibility...

Konary palace

Konary 15, Konary
+48 797601360

Konary palace is a historic complex built in 1763 and enclosed by a beautiful park. The palace offers three ballrooms, a conference room, a luxurious double suite and 27 comfortable guest rooms that...

Geopark Przedgórze Sudeckiego

ul.Piastowska 40, Piława Górna
603 915 014

   The main tasks of the geoparks include the protection and protection of natural and cultural objects, promotion of knowledge about the history of the Earth, development of education and...