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Artistic Weaving Workshop Sobótka

ul. Chopina 25, Sobótka
+48 665728776

The Pracownia Tkactwa Artystycznego (Artistic Weaving Workshop) was created in 1981 by Alina Domańska - a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, and...

Sweet Atelier gingerbread

ul.Sobócka 7, Maniów Wielki, Maniów Wielki

Woodworking – Norbert Ferster Śmiałowice

Śmiałowice, Śmiałowice
+48 537 099 863

Here in Śmiałowice lives Norbert Ferster, an artist specializing in woodworking.

Watercolors of Władysław Dzielnicki Sobótka

ul. Chopina 29, Sobótka
+48 71 390 33 28.

Władyslaw Dzielnicki is a local painter using a variety of techniques, but his most prized works are watercolors depicting the landscapes of the Ślęża region. The artist has also provided tuition...

Mill Jordanów Śląski

ul. Wrocławska 18, Jordanów Śląski
'+48 71 316 11 22

The mill Młyn is a family company with over a century of history, famous for its gourmet meal and traditional pastries. The flagship product is the mill rye bread awarded in 2011 as the Pearl of the...

Crafts cooperative "Progress"

Al. Niepodległości 15, Żórawina
+48 536998547

The Social Cooperative "Progress" was founded by people who have completed addiction treatment at the Monar Center. Working in a cooperative is for them one of the steps to leave addiction while...

Artistic pottery workshop „Unicat” Świątniki

ul. Łysej Góry 12, Świątniki
+48 607 613 565, +48 607 272 566

The artistic pottery workshop "Unicat" was founded by two artists, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław: Anita Szprych and Michał Chabielski. They create applied artistic pottery...

Artistic Glass Workshop

Suchowice 25, Suchowice
+48 691395532

The workshop is run by Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska and Marcin Wichliński. The unique glass art, from abstract to utilitarian, is hand made by this artistic couple is created by fusing and cold grinding...

Art workshop and gallery of Viola Tycz

ul. Parkowa 6 , Galowice
+48 502661973

Viola Tycz's art workshop and gallery is located in the vicinity of the Museum of Carriages in Galowice, and is her own art space. It works, among others, under a EU fund. Thanks to the grants, the...