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Water tower

ul. Wichrowa, Strzelin
+48 71 7936997, +48 888743544.

Built on the hill Góra Szańcowa, the former water tower has served as an observation tower since 2010. The tower is open for visitors from Monday through Friday after prior phone arrangement.

Town hall

+48 71 3921543

The tower of the town hall was demolished in 2011 and made open for visitors. The original 14th-century town hall was burned in 1945, when the tower was blown up. In the 1950s, its remains were...

Tower on Gromnik hill


The tower with an observation deck was built on Mt. Gromnik in 2012 on the spot where an inn and observation tower were demolished in 1945. Initially, in the 15th century, Hans and Optitz Czirn, who...

The peak of Mt.Ślęża


The highest peak of the Ślęża Massif (718 m asl). From the Bronze Age tor the advent of Christianity in these lands, the mountain was a center of Pagan solar worship. The development of the sanctuary...

Observation tower in Kotowice


The Kotowice observation tower (hamlet Utrata) is located just off the bank of the Oder and is 40 meters high. The structure was built in 2012, with the support of EU funds under the LEADER axis of...

Vantage point on Mt. Wieżyca


The vantage point on the top of Wieżyca (415 m) was built between 1905 and 1907. It is one of the 240 'Bismarck towers'. It is a massive structure with a height of 15 m, composed of fine-grained...

Church tower in Łagiewniki


The Tower Gate leads into the church. The bottom stone part comes from the 15th century. The brick outhouse is a 19th century addition. Today, it is a vantage point.

Bismarck tower Janówek


The tower stands on the hill Jańska Góra (253 m). It was built here in 1869 my a retired army Majo, the owner of the village of Sokolniki and Bismarck's admirer, Friedrich Schröter. It was the first...