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Agroturist farm „Forteca” Anna & Mathijs van Dijk Uciechów

ul. Wrocławska 12, Uciechów
+48 74 832 30 08, +48 783 964 000

The guesthouse offers accommodation in single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. Rooms are equipped with bathrooms, TVs and WiFi access. There is a monitored and fenced parking lot. The rooms are...

Agroturist farm „Dobra Rada” Tąpadła

Tąpadła 15o, Tąpadła
+48502 534 129, +48 694 478 402

"Dobra Rada" offers a new, independent, air-conditioned holiday home for six people, and a suite for up to 9 people with a terrace overlooking Mt. Ślęża. It is possible to rent each room separately....

Agroturist farm Krzysztof Rogalski Kryształowice

ul. Leśna 21, Kryształowice
+48 71 391 19 30, +48 501 819 042

The agrotourist guesthouse offers accommodation in two double rooms with shared bathrooms. Guests can also use a kitchen and garden with a barbecue. There is also a possibility to set up tents....

Agrotourist farm "Zielone Sady"

Zabrodzie 26, Wrocław
+48 692956356

The agritourism guesthouse "Zielone Sady" is located in a secluded spot, surrounded by an apple and cherry orchard. At the same time, it is close to the center of Wrocław (approx. 8 km) and Bielany...

Agro-tourism and artistic gueshouse Kryształowice

ul. Leśna 14, Kryształowice
+48 71 332 84 01, +48 788 827 057

The agro-tourism and artistic gueshouse is located in an old former German inn. The hosts, acting within the foundation "Choreia", hold workshops for children, teens and adults, such as painting on...

Agritourist farm of Małgorzata Mokrowska

ul. Ogrodowa 8, Kotowice
+48 504925717, +48 71 3029422

The agritourism guesthouse in Kotowice offers accommodation, a camping area with the possibility of bringing a caravan, and the peaceful surroundings of forests and lakes. Guests can also rent bikes...

Agritourist farm and horse club "Durok"

Durok 1, Święta Katarzyna
+48 697610840

The agritourism guesthouse in Durok is located at the horse farm. There are guest rooms with en suite bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The hosts offer great conditions and experience in the...

Agritourist farm

Nowolesie 11, Nowolesie
+48 71 3926758

The agritourist farm offers 2 rooms for two with a possibility of organizing an additional bed. A fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and basin are at guests' disposal. There is a...

Agritourism "Nietoperek"

Gębczyce 28F, Gębczyce
+48 71 3929018, +48 603917373

The agritourist farm is located in a historic building dating from 1858. Guests may choose from 5 rooms: 2 rooms for two, 2 four-person rooms and 1 three-person room. Also the following are...

'Niemcza SPA' hotel

ul. Strzelińska 8, Niemcza
+48 74 832 53 60

The hotel is situated among the hills Niemczańsko-Strzelińskie and offers accommodation in single and double rooms and suites. On its premises, there is a wellness center and spa, a children's...