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St. Gotthard Church in Strzelin


The St. Gotthard church dates from the 12th or 13th century. Originally a rotunda, in later years it was subject to expansion in the Gothic style. The apse was demolished, additional naves were built...

Regional History Chamber

Rynek 2, Kąty Wrocławskie
+48 605066481

The Regional History Chamber was created thanks to the efforts of the Association of the Lovers of the Kąty Region and is located on the first floor of the former Evangelical church. It exhibits...

Palace in Kondratowice


The history of this palace starts in the 16th century. It was built on the site of a former castle. Then, it was reconstructed in the Baroque style in the middle of the 18th century. Its present form...

Palace in Kobierzyce

Al. Pałacowa 1, Kobierzyce

The palace was built in 1730 in Baroque style by the Konigsdorf family, and rebuilt in the late 19th century in Neo-Renaissance and Baroque styles. Initially, the palace probably served as a summer...

Palace Gruszów

Gruszów 10, Marcinowice

Palace and park in Dobrocin


The Manor House in Dobrocin was already there in the 16th c. The present palace is the result of its expansion in 1899. The reconstruction of the old building was made at the request of the imperial...

Outdoor model of the 18th century Sobótka

Sobótka, Rynek, Sobótka

   Outdoor model of the 18th century Sobótka. Initiator and grantee of the LAG “Ślężanie” project: Michał Hajdukiewicz Artistic concept and performance: Grzegorz Krupa...

Observation tower in Kotowice


The Kotowice observation tower (hamlet Utrata) is located just off the bank of the Oder and is 40 meters high. The structure was built in 2012, with the support of EU funds under the LEADER axis of...

Museum of Carts and Carriages in Galowice

ul. Leśna 5 , Galowice

The Museum of Carts and Carriages in Galowice is located in a former grange. The museum also restored a historic half-timbered granary from 1730 to exhibit there as well. The granary is the last...

Market square in Wiązów


The market in Wiązów (pl. Wolności) is a remainder of the location of the city in 1250 (although it was first mentioned in 1155). According to the rules of urban planning of the period, the main...