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Church in Rożnów


The first mention of the church in Rożnów comes from the middle of the 14th century. From 1534, the church operated as a protestant one. When performing the reconstruction of 1889, the old tower was...

Church in Przeworno


The first mention of the Przeworno church comes from 1335. The building was destroyed in 1428, reconstructed in 1575, and then destroyed again in the 17th century. The last reconstruction was...

Church in Nowolesie


The first church in Nowolesie was erected in 1368. Until 1810, it belonged to the Cistercians of Henryków. The present Neo-Romanesque church was built in 1867. It houses the painting of Our Lady of...

Church in Kurczów


A modern church built in no particular style, with one nave. The nearby tower is most probably a remnant of an Evangelical church. Today, it is part of a residential building.

Church in Kucharzowice


The church in Kucharzowice was first mentioned in 1335. The present stone building was erected in the beginning of the 16th century and reconstructed later on in 1804. It is a Gothic structure with...

Church in Kobierzyce

ul. Spółdzielcza, Kobierzyce

The church serves as a chapel at the Kobierzyce cemetery. It is a one-nave church with a separate presbytery, referring to the Gothic style. At the church, there are pre-WWII tombstones, remnants of...

Church in Karczyn


The present church in Karczyn was built on the foundations of a former one, demolished in the 1950s. The first mention of a local parish comes from 1161. Nothing is known of the fate of the former...

Church in Dankowice


The church was built in 1718-1719. Despite the reconstruction conducted in the 2nd part of the 19th century, the building has not lost its Baroque form. It is a single nave church with a narrowed...

Church in Bielany Wrocławskie

ul. Wrocławska 30a, Bielany Wrocławskie

The church probably dates from the late 13th century. It was first mentioned in a 1357 source. It is a Gothic building of brick, built on a rectangular plan, with a tower on the west side, which was...