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Children's Home

1 Maja 43, Kąty Wrocławskie

The building was erected to host an orphanage, founded by the German Association of Combatants in 1892, for Catholic children from the eastern federal states of Germany. Originally, there were three...

Chapel in Strzeblów

ul.Torowa, Sobótka

Chapel dated 1593, reconstructed with stone bricks in 1933-1934, square shaped, approx. 5 m height.

Chapel in Glinica


The late 18th century chapel contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. It is a so-called reconciliation chapel. They were built from the Middle Ages founded by murderers following 'conciliation treaties'...

Cementery chapel in Domanice


The chapel dates from 1856. It was built according to the design by August Stüler. Initially, it served as a mausoleum.

Castle ruins on Mt Ślęża


The stone castle on the top of Mt. Ślęża was built in 1343 by Prince of Świdnica and Jawor Bolko II in place of a previous defensive structure. The object was built on irregular plan, surrounded by...

Castle in Żelowice


By 1474, the castle in Żelowice had already been erected and belonged to the von Tschesch family. After 1706, the estate was in possession of the Weighardt von Hoffmann family. The family's...

Castle in Rogów Sobócki - a monument re-discovered

ul.Wrocławska 91, Sobótka

     In the village of Rogów Sobócki, located in the foothills of Ślęża, from the middle ages, towered the knight residence, owner of the village. This building burn...

Castle in Niemcza


The building which can be seen today, is the result of a thorough reconstruction, which was made in ca. 1830, after a fire that destroyed the building in 1735. However, it has a thousand years of...

Castle in Górka - Sobótka Górka

Sobótka Górka

The oldest part of the castle Górka is the 12th century chapel, founded the the Augustinian fathers brought here from France by Prince Peter Włast. In 1524-1553, the chapel was extended with a...

Castle in Gola Dzierżoniowska

Gola Dzierżoniowska 21, Gola Dzierżoniowska
+48 88 55 44 100

The monumental castle was built in 1580 in the Renaissance style, on the stone embankment by Leonard von Rohnau. It was built on a square plan around an inner courtyard, in the middle of which now...