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Bismarck tower Janówek


The tower stands on the hill Jańska Góra (253 m). It was built here in 1869 my a retired army Majo, the owner of the village of Sokolniki and Bismarck's admirer, Friedrich Schröter. It was the first...

Baroque palace

Jezierzyce Małe

The palace was built in the first half of the 18th century from stone and brick, for the von Gregersdorf family. It is a one-storey building covered with a hipped roof. There is a prominent...

Baroque palace


The impressive Baroque palace dates back to early 18th century. Although it was reconstructed in the 19th century. it has not lost its former style. The facade is embellished with pilasters, an...

Baroque gate

ul. Leśna 5, Galowice

The Baroque entrance gate to the grange in Galowice comes from the beginning of the 18th century. It leads to the courtyard in front of the Eclectic palace and the restored half-timbered granary. In...

Artistic pottery workshop „Unicat” Świątniki

ul. Łysej Góry 12, Świątniki
+48 607 613 565, +48 607 272 566

The artistic pottery workshop "Unicat" was founded by two artists, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław: Anita Szprych and Michał Chabielski. They create applied artistic pottery...

Artistic Glass Workshop

Suchowice 25, Suchowice
+48 691395532

The workshop is run by Lidia Stanek-Wichlińska and Marcin Wichliński. The unique glass art, from abstract to utilitarian, is hand made by this artistic couple is created by fusing and cold grinding...

Art workshop and gallery of Viola Tycz

ul. Parkowa 6 , Galowice
+48 502661973

Viola Tycz's art workshop and gallery is located in the vicinity of the Museum of Carriages in Galowice, and is her own art space. It works, among others, under a EU fund. Thanks to the grants, the...

A Baroque house

Kamionna 13, Kamionna

The oldest house in the village was built in the early 18th century in the Baroque style. It is a one-storey building in the shape of a rectangle, with a usable attic, and a gable roof, with the...

19th/20th century palace


The palace from the turn of the 20th century is a stone building covered with a decorative half-hipped roof. The facade is decorated with molding. At present, the estate is deteriorating.

19th century palace

Pustków Żurawski

The palace in Pustków Żurawski was built between 1869-1870 by Carl Christian Naehrich, founder and owner of sugar factories functioning right next to it. The Naehrich family managed the sugar factory...