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Statue of St Mary near the filial church of Our Lady od Rosary in Szczepanów


A Baroque statue standing near the church in Szczepanowice.

Statue of St. Nepomuk

ul. Władysława Sikorskiego, Kąty Wrocławskie

The statue of St. of Nepomuk was most probably erected in 1738 by Jan Henryk Kreiger, the commissioner of the Wrocław bishopric. It is a sculpture made of sandstone, standing on a granite square...

Stanisław Dunajewski Ślężańskie Museum in Sobótka

ul. Św. Jakuba 18, Sobótka
+48 71 316 26 22

The Stanisław Dunajewski Ślężańskie Museum in Sobótka has its seat in the so-called 'Abbot's house', a former hospital built in 1568. The museum collects and presents collections of archeological,...

St. Ursula Church in Kowalów


The Gothic church of St. Ursula was built at the beginning of the 14th century. It is first mentioned in 1316. The present building was reconstructed ca. 1600, when, among other things, the southern...

St. Michael the Archangel church in Jaworowo


The first mention of a church of St. Michael the Archangel in Jaworów dates to 1376. The present building was erected in 1500 by Henry of Nysa. The reconstruction of 1860 did not change its initial...

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception church in Karszów


The Immaculate Conception Church was built at the end of the 13th century. It underwent reconstruction three centuries later. Having suffered damages in the WWII, the church was rebuilt in 1976. It...

St. Mary Mother of God and St. John the Evangelist church in Strzelin


The first church was founded here in 1130, probably by Duke Peter Włost. In 1264, a separate parish was formed here and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the Hussite wars, the church was...

St. Lawrence Church in Śmiałowice


The church of St. Lawrence in Śmiałowice first appeared in the pages of history in 1318. It is an early Gothic structure, probably built in the late 13th century, and expanded at the beginning of the...

St. Lawrence Church in Prusy


The church of St. Lawrence was mentioned as early as 1318. The present building was erected by the end of the 13th century and vaulted in 1497. The south nave was added in 1612. The church was...

St. Joseph the Betrothed of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Cierpice


The church in Cierpice was first mentioned in 1335. The present Church of St. Joseph the Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in the 15th century. It was reconstructed in 1801 after a fire....