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The Muszyński bakery

ul. Kościuszki, Strzelin

The Muszyńskis bakery from Szczawin is known for its traditional cakes. Their strawberry cake has been certified as a Local Product. It is made of sponge cake, jelly, cheesecake filling, strawberry...

The bakery and pastry shop "Bąkowski" Sobótka

Rynek 10, Sobótka

The bakery and pastry shop "Bąkowski" is a family company with a long tradition and experience. The bread at the store in Sobotka comes from the bakery in Rogow Sobócki, where it is made from natural...

Strzelin Cultural Center

ul. Mickiewicza 2, Strzelin
+48 71 3921543

The Strzelin Cultural Center is a place where many interesting cultural events take place. Among the wide variety of attractions offered by the Center, one should mention the cyclical All-Poland...

Stacja paliw Orlen w Łagiewnikach

ul. Wrocławska 25, Łagiewniki
24 256 07 36

Ślężańskie Rest and Recreation Center

ul. Ślężańska 1, Jordanów Śląski
888 995 955

Rural lounge

Biała 46b, Biała

Rural lounge

Chwałków, Chwałków

Rural lounge

Gola Świdnicka 43, Gola Świdnicka

Rural lounge

Gruszów 13, Gruszów

Rural lounge

Kątki 8a, Kątki