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Rural lounge

Wirki 38, Wirki

Rural lounge

Zebrzydów 43, Zebrzydów

Raspberry beneath Ślęża

Wierzbowa 22, Sobótka Górka

Public Communal Library

pl. Wolności 22, Wiązów
+48 71 3931157

The Public Communal Library in Wiązów offers many interesting books. Beside a traditional library, one may also find here an art room, ballroom dance and modern dance classes, in addition to a...

Public Communal Library

ul. Szkolna 2, Borów
+48 71 3933143

The Public Communal Library in Borów is a thriving institution that consists of four libraries in the biggest centers of the commune. It is the only such institution in the area. As part of their...

Public Communal Library

ul. Kolejowa 4D, Przeworno

Public Communal Library in Przeworno

Post Office


The building emerged in 1889, as reminded by the small flag planted on the corner top of the roof, to become an official seat of the Imperial Postal Service. It is neo-Gothic in style and made of...

Ośrodek Zdrowia w Mietkowie

ul. Kolejowa 37, Mietków
71/316 81 15

Orlen gas station

ul. Kątecka 32A, Gniechowice
+48 71 3169781

An Orlen filling station.