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Orlen gas station

ul. Wincentego Witosa 1, Kobierzyce
+48 71 3111225

The Orlen filling station is open 24/7.

Orlen gas station

Bielany Wrocławskie
+48 71 3398176

The Orlen filling station is open 24/7.

Orlen gas station

ul. Opolska 1c, Radwanice
+48 242561117

The Orlen filling station is open 24/7.

OL' VITA Company Mysłaków

Panków 2, Marcinowice
+4874 850 52 02

The company specializes in the production of traditional oils from amaranth, pumpkin seed, wheat germ, hemp, apricots, almonds and many others, as well as natural cosmetics based on oilseeds. Also,...

Mill Jordanów Śląski

Jordanów Śląski

The mill was built probably in the late 19th or early 20th century. It was a very modern design, powered by an engine fueled by gas extracted from the dry distillation of coal, which was performed at...

Meat and Gourmet Company "Galicja"

ul. Ogrodowa 6, Niemcza
+48 74 837 69 26

''Masarnia Galicia'' is a small family-owned company famous for the production of a unique flavor meats, made without the use of chemicals or preservatives. The products are based on family recipes...

Lukoil gas station

ul. Czekoladowa 5-22, Bielany Wrocławskie
+48 71 3469346

A Lukoil gas station located at the mall "Park Handlowy Bielany".

Lodge „Domek Myśliwski” Jodłownik

Jodłownik 40, Jodłownik

The lodge was built in the second half of  the 19th century in the traditional Norwegian style. Initially, the building was located in the Sowie Mountains, although after WWII it was relocated...

Local Shop

This shop offers a Leader-certified local product – pickles produced by the farm “Mariusz Krzywosz.”

Local Cultural, Sport and Library Center in Łagiewniki

ul. Wrocławska 1, Łagiewniki
+48 74 89 39 397

The Łagiewniki 'GOKBiS' is the main initiator of cultural events in the community. The most important ones include ''Eastern Poland Days'', Songs of Passion Festival, "Poland Runs", Łagiewniki Days,...