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Local cultural center in Marcinowice

ul. J. Tuwima 2, Marcinowice
74 8585533

The local cultural center in Marcinowice.

Library and Cultural Center in Mościsko

ul. Kolejowa 12b, Mościsko
+48 74 83 03 142, +48 506 103 555

Dzierżoniów Municipal Public Library located in Mościsku is open from Mondays to Wednesdays, on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition to the library's, there is a computer room, an art gallery and a...


Wiry 10a, Wiry
74 850-55-01


Szczepanów 9a, Szczepanów
74 850-77-20

Krzysztof Kossakowski's apiar Gilów

Gilów 19, Gilów
+48 609 751 246, +48 74 837 81 77

Krzysztof Kossakowski's beekeeping farm offers high quality honey. The quality is confirmed by the certificate issued by the Polish Association of Beekeepers. The Gilów area is mostly agricultural,...

Kaletnictwo artystyczne – Grażyna Niemyt Ratajno

Ratajno 7, Łagiewniki

In Ratajno near Łagiewniki, Grażyna Niemyt creates her small works of art. Individual orders are possible if you wish to buy somw of the unique, handmade purses. The hallmark of Ms. Grażyna's...

Jan Branicki's apiary

Sarby 19, Przeworno
+48 691290825

The apiary of Jan Branicki was awarded the title of an Exemplary Apiary of the Apiarian Club in Strzelin Region. The honeys produced include linden honey, along with rapeseed, multiflorous,...