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Gas station Orlen

ul. K. Norwida 10, Kąty Wrocławskie
+48 71 3166235

The Orlen filling station is open 24/7.

Gas station and restaurant

ul. Wrocławska 37, Wojkowice
+48 71 3165909

The filling station and restaurant "Wojkowice" is located 12 km from the city, near the village of Wojkowice, at the exit of the A4 motorway. At the station you can refill your car with fuels that...

Gas station


The Pieprzyk gas station is open 24/7.

Gas station

ul. Ząbkowicka, Strzelin

The PKN Orlen gas station is open 24/7.

Gas station

ul.Oławska, Strzelin

The PKN Orlen gas station is open 24/7.

Gas station


The Zbyszko cas station is open 24/7.

Cultural Center in Niemcza

Rynek 32, Niemcza
+48 74 837 60 03

The cultural center in Niemcza is a dynamically operating institution that organizes many local, regional, national or and even international events. Various activities for children and teens are...

Community hall in Jordanów Śląski

ul. Wrocławska 55, Jordanów Śląski

Community Hall in the village Jordanów.

Community Cultural Center

ul. Kolejowa 4D, Przeworno
+48 74 8102105

Communal Cultural Center in Przeworno

Community Center in Mietków

ul. Spółdzielcza 6, Mietków
+48 713168254

The community Center (Gminny Ośrodek Kultury) in Mietków is a dynamic institution located in the newly renovated building and providing residents of the Mietkó area with its cultural offer. The...