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Arabian horses Andrzej and Aleksandra Szubart Maniów

ul. Sobócka 28, Maniów
+48 502391572

The facilty serves as a hotel for horses and offers opportunities for their owners to rest and relax. There is a guesthouse, situated in a picturesque setting at the foot of Mt. Ślęza, near the lake...

"Gnejsy na Włókach" reserve


The long closed quarry is now a protected monument of inanimate nature. In the middle of the pit, next to the pond that dries out in the summer, there is an interesting outcrop of metamorphosed ...

The Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Dobrocin

ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki, Dobrocin

This small Gothic church with a clearly protruding chancel was built in the 14th century and reconstructed in 1515.  During the Reformation, the church was taken over by Lutherans, but by 1654...

Lodge „Domek Myśliwski” Jodłownik

Jodłownik 40, Jodłownik

The lodge was built in the second half of  the 19th century in the traditional Norwegian style. Initially, the building was located in the Sowie Mountains, although after WWII it was relocated...

The Church of St. John the Baptist in Mościsko

ul. Pocztowa 4, Mościsko

The church was mentioned already in 1268, which makes it one of the oldest churches of Lower Silesia. Although it was rebuilt in 1562, it did not lose its Gothic character. The chancel is covered...

Train station Mościsko

ul. Kolejowa 29, Mościsko

The station was built in 1855 and was initially called Faubreck. The station was made of red brick in a style that is typical for this sort of building. Just after the war the station was given a...

„Słoneczna Przystań” Jędrzejowice


A cute and unique place for cyclists to rest.

Filial church of St. Michael the Archangel in Milin

ul. Chłopska, Milin

The Milin parish is first mentioned in a 1297 source. During the Thirty Years' War, the church was destroyed by fire. Only the walls survived along with the vaults of the chancel and sacristy. The...

Evangelical cemetery with the bell tower in Chwałów


An evangelical cemetery from the second half of the 19th century. A ruined bell tower from the beginning of the 20th century is found here as well.

Cementery chapel in Domanice


The chapel dates from 1856. It was built according to the design by August Stüler. Initially, it served as a mausoleum.