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Church of St. Simon and Thaddeus in Nowa Wieś Kącka

Nowa Wieś Kącka

The first mention of a church of St. Simon and St. Thaddeus comes from 1318. The church was built in 1858, on the site of an earlier, neo-Romanesque one. The pride of the church is a square tower...

Church of st. Nicolaus in Pełcznica


The Gothic church of St. Nicholas was built in the 15th century and expanded in 1750 in Baroque style. It is a single nave brick church with a tower covered by a mansard roof. A stone portal leads...

Palace in Alexandrów

ul. Główna 14, Samotwór
+48 71 373 12 34, +48 71 373 12 33

The restored and renovated 18th-century palace hosts a hotel and a conference center. The palace restaurant offers European dishes with elements of regional cuisine. At the hotel, there is a stable....

Palace in Korbielowice

Krobielowice 21, Krobielowice

Originally, a fortified manor was built in Korbielowice in the 14th century which, along with the village, belonged to the von Sitten family. In 1417, the property was acquired by the abbot of the...

Church of St. Philomena in Gniechowice

ul. Kątecka 53, Gniechowice

The church of St. Philomena was built in the 15th century. The Gothic structure was rebuilt between 1853-1854 in neo-Gothic style. Inside, we find Baroque furnishings, including the side altar of St....

Church of the Ascention of Christ in Jaszkotle


The Gothic parish church was built in 1473, and in the 16th century, it was renovated. In 1725, the windows were enlarged and the organ loft was built. The structure is made of brick with an oriented...

"Samotwór" horse facility

ul. Główna 14, Samotwór
+48 6914330, +48 50515558

The horse facility "Samotwór" is housed in historic buildings next to the Alexandrów palace, offering a hotel for horses with spacious, comfortable boxes and extensive paddocks. It features a fenced...

"Adrenaline Park"

+48 501241213, +48 504251317

The "Adrenalina Park" is an adventure theme park for both children and adults, located on 12 acres of picturesque grounds. Here you can find, among other attractions, a ropes course, a shooting...

Golf club "Rycerski"

Krobielowice 21, Krobielowice
+48 71 3905815, +48 669466562

"Rycerski Klub Golfowy" is seated in the palace Krobielowice, which also offers a hotel and restaurant. The complex consists of a 9-hole golf course, a driving range, equipment rental, a clubhouse...

"Pocahontas" Indian Village

Zabrodzie 27, Zabrodzie
+48 605999098, +48 607989818

The Indian Village "Pocahontas" is a picturesquely situated place to rest, play, and learn. A special program of games and activities that feature Indian customs has been prepared for visitors....