Geopark Przedgórze Sudeckiego

Geological object


   The main tasks of the geoparks include the protection and protection of natural and cultural objects, promotion of knowledge about the history of the Earth, development of education and tourism through the use of natural values ​​in terms of sustainable development, dissemination of geological knowledge through publishing and publications. In order to carry out these tasks, the Association of Geopark Wzgórza Niemczańsko-Strzelińskie with headquarters in Strzelin was established in 2013 as the Local Tourist Organization. In 2016, it changed its name to Geopark Przedgorze Sudeckie. Goals of the Geopark Sudeckie Przedgórze Implementation of tourism development strategies and protection of geodiversity and in the area of ​​the Geopark. Promotion of natural and cultural heritage in the Geopark area. Improvement of tourist infrastructure in the area of ​​Geopark. Undertaking and supporting social, economic, cultural, scientific, ecological and tourist initiatives serving the development of the Geopark region. Educational, training and educational activities, with particular emphasis on propagating knowledge in the field of earth sciences. Cooperation with other organizations for the protection and preservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage as well as the development of tourist services. Activities for environmental protection Working area The area of ​​operation of the Geopark covers the central part of Przedgórze Sudeckie and the neighboring areas of the Sudetes and Silesian Lowlands. From the geological point of view, in the area located in the eastern part of the Przesudecki block, to the east of the gneiss block of the Sowie Mountains, the following geological units are generally distinguished: - Imbramowice's metamorphic - Strzegom-Sobótka massif (eastern part) - Ślęża Massif - Gogołów-Jordanów massif - Niemcza zone with the Szklar massif, - Braszowice-Brzeźnica massif - Kamieniec range, - Strzelin massif (Kamieniec range and Strzelin massif are also secreted together as Kamieniec - Strzelin range), - Doboszowice's metamorphic - Bear's massif. In addition, directly to the east of the Niedźwiedzia massif, there are small outcrops of crystalline rocks known as gneisses from Lipnik, and further towards the SE in the area of ​​Maciejowice, there are mica shales and gneisses with granite veins.