Outdoor games

By playing outdoor games, you not only get to know the area better, but can also have a nice time with your friends or loved ones, solving puzzles full of interesting facts together. Wrota Regionu (Gateway to the Region) tourist app, which also serves as a mobile guide, features dozens of outdoor games guiding the user around the most interesting sites south of Wrocław. By travelling through the region and solving puzzles, you learn about the history of sacral monuments, castles and manor houses and the secrets of the surrounding countryside. The puzzles featured in the app are varied and universal in terms of difficulty, so that both adults and young adventurers can enjoy solving them.

Our games

Dobrocin – The Village of Legends and Fairy Tales
The Forest Puzzles of Tuszyn
Following the Footsteps of the Moravian Brethren in Piława Górna
Śladami dawnych pałaców w gminie Mietków
Puzzle-filled Walk Through Piława Górna
Palace Stories in Jordanów Śląski
Historical Tales of Krasków Palace
Regional Flavours at the Foot of Ślęża
Jordanów Śląski – A Healthy Dose of History
Niemcza, the Town on the Fort

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