Outdoor model of the 18th century Sobótka

Figure, sculpture


  • Address: Sobótka, Rynek, 55-050 Sobótka

  Outdoor model of the 18th century Sobótka. Initiator and grantee of the LAG “Ślężanie” project: Michał Hajdukiewicz Artistic concept and performance: Grzegorz Krupa On July 4, 1730, the largest fire known in the history of the city consumed almost the entire city, along with almost the entire city archive. Sobótka, which was lost when burned, came to life burnt in pottery. On March 31, 2022, a new, permanent tourist and educational attraction was unveiled in the Market Square - an open-air miniature of the city from the 18th century. The mock-up has a decorative and educational function and is another point on the tourist route.