Educational homestead Ostoja Nad Młynówką

Mościsko , Mościsko 16
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"OSTOJA NAD MŁYNÓWKĄ is a rural farm from the late nineteenth century, located in Moscisko at Wierzbowa 16. It serves as an educational homestead, where activities dedicated mainly to children and adolescents take place. The theme of the classes is provided by nature itself, the cycle of changing seasons of the year influences the theme and place of the organized classes. Spring sowing of seeds, planting seedlings on the beds, washing by the river, summer haymaking on the meadow or autumn digging in the field are unforgettable attractions for the participants. Of course, all the work is done as in the past, as if time had stopped. Hoes, baskets, rakes, trowels and bowls help in the work. Using them gives a lot of fun.

Our village farm is filled with animals - a real attraction. Whinnying, snorting, neighing and squawking are the sounds coming from everywhere. Every animal in the farm is friendly to our guests and enjoys being gently petted, stroked and treated well.

The weather is not always favorable for outdoor activities. When it rains and the wind blows, you can knead dough in the warm kitchen, bake scones on the stove or enjoy a slice of bread baked the traditional way on natural leaven in a 100 year old bread oven. We also have rooms for art classes where participants use their creativity to create Easter eggs, flower compositions, farm animals made of salt mass, Marzanna dolls - straw puppets, hankies - hand-made dolls, Christmas tree decorations. These small and bigger artists, while performing their works, gain knowledge about folk art. Sauerkraut making is one of the most interesting activities that take place in autumn.

Visiting OSTOI NAD MŁYNÓWKĄ guarantees good fun, learning, moving back in time, learning about the daily work of housewives and farmers from 100 years ago.

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