Slezanski Cultural Center (Regional Slavic Cultural Center) in Sobotka

Cultural center


Ślężanski Cultural Center (Regional Center for Slavic Culture) in Sobótka - a public institution whose task is to promote culture and reading in a dimension accessible to everyone. A special role is the popularization of local culture, traditions, history and activities supporting the promotion of the region.
The scope of activities and implementation of the tasks of the Ślężański Cultural Center, include many spheres of activity, such as:
- integrating the local community through collective participation in cultural activities,
- conducting art studios for children youth and adults,
- creation and dissemination of scenic artistic programs,
- organizing exhibitions, competitions, concerts, reviews and festivals,
- cooperation with institutions for the dissemination of culture, libraries of other networks, organizations and associations in developing and meeting the cultural needs of the local community,
- Documentation, collection and dissemination of cultural assets,
- organizing permanent forms of presentation of the achievements and accomplishments of the amateur artistic movement and promoting the most valuable achievements of artists and groups,
- Developing and disseminating new forms and methods of work in culture, especially with the use of modern technological means,
- cooperation in national and foreign cultural exchange.

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