Christopher Vineyard



In one of the smallest municipalities in Lower Silesia (and Poland), Jordanów Śląski is home to one of the smallest wine-producing vineyards - Christopher Winery. Small can also be beautiful and one of a kind. The winery produces only about 500 bottles of wine a year. And why is it worth stopping for a short rest at Christopher Winery on the way to Klodzko Valley, in addition to tasting the wines produced there? And also because it's just a short drive from Wroclaw to the chosen destination. It's only 30 km from the capital of Lower Silesia.
In 2014, a dream that was instilled in the late 20th century during an extended stay in the Balkans began to materialize. A 12-acre vineyard was created with seven grape varieties, white dominated by Seyval Blanc and red dominated by Regent. The first few years were a period of experimentation, which allowed in 2019 the decision to register the vineyard and sell artisanal wine.

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