Palace in Przeworno

The palace is the result of the reconstruction of a castle that had been erected here ca. 1447 by the von Czirn family. Unfortunately, only a couple of years later it was destroyed battles with the Nysa and Wrocław townsmen. It was reconstructed in the Renaissance style, with an inner courtyard and pinnacles at the corners. The castle was surrounded by a moat. It was burned by the Swedes in 1643. Further reconstructions were made in the 18th and 19th centuries. As a result, it lost its defensive capabilities and was turned into a palace. After WWII it was transformed into an office building of the local state agricultural farm. It is currently privately owned. It is worth noting the 18th century stone bridge and the 18th century portal over which there is the coat of arms of the von Czim family with the following date carved: 1543. The palace is enclosed by a 19th century park.

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