'Wzgórza Strzelińskie'

National park, landscape park


  • Address: 57-100 Strzelin
Wzgórza Strzelińskie are included in the Nature 2000 program, due to the presence of rare habitats, such as old growth beech forests, Galio-Carpinetum oak-hornbeam forests, willow, poplar and adler stands, subalpine mountain meadows and rock slopes. In order to secure the natural beauty, the protected area Nature and Landscape Reserve "Wzgórza Strzelińskie" was established. This heavily forested, compact ridge is a very attractive part of Sudetes foothills. The hill range stretching from Strzelin (Parkowa Mt.) to Ziębice is 10km wide and 22km long. The highest peaks are: Gromnik (393 m AMSL), Kalinka (388 m AMSL) and Nowoleska Kopa (383 m AMSL). The dense network of forest trails and the gentle slopes attract numerous cyclists and lovers of slower paced mountain tourism. Since Wzgórza are built mainly from granite, the natural attractions are the abandoned working pits – remnants of the former quarries.

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