Agroturist farm „Marianówek” Dobrocin

Agrotourist farm


Educational Homestead MARIANÓWEK. Single, double, triple, quadruple rooms with bathroom and kitchen await guests. The farm has animals, including horses and sheep. In the educational homestead, children can take a close look at the farmer's work and participate in the work through play. They gain knowledge about the origin of basic products, such as cheese, milk, butter and eggs. They get to know the animals that live on the farm, as well as farming tools and machinery. After the activities are over, a party and sausage roasting is organized together. Ponds await fishing enthusiasts. Most meals are made from the farm's own preserves. On request, lamb dishes are served. Agrotourism "Marianowek" can boast many awards and certificates won at numerous exhibitions and competitions. The hosts have on offer the organization of workshops, including: making butter with your own hands, recognizing herbs, sensory path.
The property has Wi-Fi internet access.