The peak of Mt.Ślęża

The highest peak of the Ślęża Massif (718 m asl). From the Bronze Age tor the advent of Christianity in these lands, the mountain was a center of Pagan solar worship. The development of the sanctuary points to the presence of the Celtic Boii here. At the top you can find fragments of stone walls, 12 m wide. In addition, there are also sculptures nicknamed 'the Mushroom' (which today stands in Sobótka), 'the Monk', 'Maiden with Fish', and the most famous of them – 'the Bear' (at the top of Mt. Ślęża). Around 1100, an Augustinian monastery was founded by Peter Wlast on Mt. Ślęża. In the years 1907-1908 the present tourist base was established (in place of the previous one from 1837). In 1852, the church of Visitation was erected. Closed today, the vantage tower dates from the early 20th century. The panorama seen from the top includes the Silesian Lowland, the in Mietków and Sudetes, with the the Sowie Mountains in the foreground.

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The Bear of Ślęża – a sacred stone sculpture on the top of Ślęża


the Ślęża Massif


Park „Wenecja" Sulistrowiczki


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