Church of St. James in Sobótka

Sobótka , ul. Św. Jakuba 10
71 316-21-61
The first mention of the church of St. James comes from 1250, but according to tradition, in Sobotka, a church founded by Peter Wlast was built already in 1155. In 1500, the temple was converted into a Gothic church, and after a fire in 1739 renovated in Baroque style. The tower was built in 1857. Fragments of the Romanesque portal at the main entrance and a statue of a lion date back from the 12th century. The interior has late Baroque and Rococo elements. The main altar includes a painting of St. James the Elder from 1770. Also noteworthy are the 18th century side altars and the Mannerist pulpit from ca. 1650. In 1945, the church burned down, and fell into disrepair until 1957 when rebuilding started. It was completed in 1960.

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