Please Your Senses: Tradition and Culture - LGD Gromnik

Category: Bike trip Distance: 32.9 km Duration: 4:00 h Difficulty: łatwy
The purpose of this short trail (approx. 30 km) is to present the works of local artisans. The route, leading through the area of LAG Gromnik, is a section of a common route connecting local artists from the area of operations of the LAGs Ślężanie, Lider and Gromnik. The Gromnik section starts in Jegłowa, where handmade garden furniture LAS DAR are made, and leads through the signboard and decoration maker's shop “Green Apple” in Strzelin, the Department of Professional Activity in Celestyno where you can purchaes, among others, ceramic art, and ends at the artistic glass makers' in Suchowice.