Things to do

Those wanting to get out into the great outdoors will certainly find quiet and peaceful places near the many forests and rivers. The great pride of the region is the Landscape Park of the Bystrzyca Valley, which was created in 1998 in the municipalities of Wrocław, Kąty Wrocławskie, Mietków, and Sobótka to protect the historical and natural heritage of the Bystrzyca river valley. The area of the park includes lake Zalew Mietkowski, which is the largest body of water of its kind in Lower Silesia. The region also abounds in historical monuments. There are many beautiful historic churches, castles and palaces, as well as the penitential crosses that are reminiscent of the darker history of the region. Wide panoramas of the area can be admired from several observation points, including the tower of the town hall in Strzelin, the summit of Mt. Ślęża, and the observation tower in Kotowice. Real treats for tourists are also the ropes courses, the water park and the opportunity of enjoying an aircraft flight, which is offered by the Aero Club of Lower Silesia operating at the airport in Mirosławice. The area also abounds in quarries, some of which are of historical significance and some that are still in operation.

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