Villa Sobótka

Sobótka , ul.Wrocławska 50
+48 713 071 555

Villa Sobotka Center has been adapted to support the elderly and disabled people who use wheelchairs or are blind / visually impaired. Access communications, escape routes and rooms will be marked with flavored varnish called Braille varnish. The entire hotel center will be available for people with disabilities due to the properly adapted elevator. 

On the territory of the resort center there is a park, a garden, a pond / a small lake, a large summerhouse with a barbecue grill and a panoramic viewpoint. We offer to our clients: single and double rooms with bathrooms, a sitting room, a dining room / a home-style restaurant, generally available areas with fireplaces, bookcases with books in the corridors. Each room is equipped with phone, TV, radio, Internet. The external Internet monitoring increases the safety of our clients. We conduct the varied and personalized craft therapy. There is also a laundry and drying room for personal needs, a parking for visitors, physiotherapy treatment cabinet, beauty salon and twenty-four-hour care of our qualified personnel. Communication tracts, toilet facilities, driveways, handles, elevator, properly dimensioned doors, absence of doorsteps in accordance with the requirements for the disabled, the marking-out for the blind, the rental services for bikes, fishing rods, Nordic walking sticks, handicraft workshops are also at the clients’ disposal. A large summerhouse is the most beautiful part of the park, with a panoramic porch, a barbecue grill, a pond (within the guarded area) for fishing and relaxing, a mini farm, a garden for growing of edible plants and flowers, car, bike and horse sightseeing tours, adapted to our guests’ capabilities, outdoor paintball game.

Feeling of well-being and satisfaction of our clients is our top priority!

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