The route of churches and chapels Gromnik LAG - part I

Category: Bike trip Distance: 68.0 km Duration: 7:30 h Difficulty: łatwy
The long route that leads to the sacral historical places located in the municipalities belonging to Gromnik LAG should rather be divided into 3 or 4 parts and a whole day should be devoted to each part to have enough time for calm sightseeing. What else, in case of visiting churches we often see the neighboringpalaces and penitential crosses standing by the church gates. The churches that prevail on the line date back to the Middle Ages. There are also lots of baroque buildings. The most interesting objects in this part of the route are the churches in Borek Strzeliński and Karszów while the church in Żelowice impresses with its charming location.

The first part of the route - in contrast to others – is not a loop. The starting point at the train station in Boreczek can be reached by train. The route can also be modified by reducing it to less than 50 km. Omitting the way from Boreczek to the nearby villages of Borów i Kurczów we go straight to Borek Strzeliński and at the end of the line we choose to turn from Biały Kościoł to Strzelin by rail.