Discover the Secrets of the Lilac Village

Welcome, adventurers, to Domanice – a village with history going back all the way to the 12th century! Once, there used to be a large mansion here owned by the wealthiest noble families. The area around the mansion was renowned for beautiful lilacs growing in great numbers on the hillsides. To commemorate this part of Domanice’s history, the local residents hold an annual festival called the Lilac Day and the place itself is known as the Lilac Village. Would you like to get to know it better? Join us on a puzzle-filled walk. Solving the puzzles will allow you to uncover the final password which will be the name of the first owner of Domanice. Let’s meet on the shores of Lake Mietkowskie and we’ll begin.


Distance 2.0 km
Duration 1:30 h