Nature Puzzles in Old Town Park

Welcome to the field game in Old Town Park (Park Staromiejski) in Kąty Wrocławskie. Solve the puzzles to get to know the inhabitants of the park. They may be invisible at first glance, hiding in the tree foliage or in tall grass, but we hope that as you walk through the park completing our tasks, you will become more aware of the nature around you and more importantly, of all the little critters for which the park is home. Solving the puzzles will bring you closer to uncovering the final password and receiving the virtual diploma. If you’re unable to find any of the places, use a hint – we’ve marked all task sites on the map, so it should be easy for you to stay on track. We will begin at the entrance to the park, by the Municipal Culture and Sports Centre. Ready? Let’s go!


Distance 1.0 km
Duration 0:40 h