Film Puzzles in Siechnice

Did you know Siechnice is known as the “film town”? It was used as location for several tv shows and feature films. You might not be familiar with most of them, as some were shot more than half a century ago. This game will take you behind the scenes of those films – you will visit the locations and solve the puzzles we’ve prepared. We hope this game will encourage you to watch those cult classics of Polish cinematography! Correct answers will bring you closer to unveiling the final password (which will be the title of probably the best known film production shot in Siechnice) and receiving the virtual diploma. The puzzle spots are marked on the map, so you should have no problem finding them. Ready to begin? Then let’s go! Head to Fabryczna street and we will guide you from there.


Distance 2.1 km
Duration 0:40 h