Museum of Carts and Carriages in Galowice



Opening Hours

Monday closed
Tuesday - Friday 10:00-16:00
Saturday - Sunday 11:00-18:00
The Museum of Carts and Carriages in Galowice is located in a former grange. The museum also restored a historic half-timbered granary from 1730 to exhibit there as well. The granary is the last completely wooden non-residential structure of this size in Lower Silesiacompletely wooden non-residential structure. The Museum exhibits are deployed on 4 floors. The collection includes dozens of original, restored vehicles – from horse sleighs, through carriages and chaises, an equestrian fire engine and a collection of cavalry saddles, harnesses and bridles. At the museum, there is also a stylish cafe, a banquet pavilion with a horse drawn field kitchen and a historic bread oven, a conference room and a parking lot. Guided tours are possible every half hour.

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