In the footsteps of history - museums of Gromnik LAG

Category: Bike trip Distance: 26.7 km Duration: 3:00 h Difficulty: średni
A variety of memorials collected over the years can become a perfect leitmotif for encouraging proposals to visit the neighboring museums and get acquainted with their exhibition items. The tour we propose is an interesting option not only for lovers of traditional museum collections which can be seen in the Historical House w Romanów or in the Memorial Chamber in the Town Hall on the market in Wiązów but also for geology enthusiasts who are invited to Strzelin Mineral Exhibition. While visiting the museums it is worth spending a bit more time because the collections stored there are rich and they tell their fabulous story of those lands. The line of the route is arranged properly for the bikers to run the quiet roadways or even field roads. The last section of the route is the driveway to Romanov which can cause some insignificant troubles for the less prepared bikers.