Ślężysław's Five Run



Place of event

The square in Sobótka


You can't run a full half marathon for various reasons..... 21 km is too much for you? After illness, injury, you are not prepared for it? Do you accompany and support the competitor with whom you will come to Sobótka and can you run a few kilometers on your own? Recent years and the pandemic have caused your level to drop and your weight to increase? Run the Ślężysław Five during our event!!! Why is it definitely worth doing? – you will start from the same place as the half marathon runners a few minutes after them (forecast 11:10); – you will learn the beginning of the half-marathon route, including the characteristic ascent towards Strzegomiany; – you will see a new investment of the commune – a bicycle path from the Sobotel Hotel along Chrobrego Street to Świdnicka Street; - at the end you will run to the finish line on the last section of the half marathon route; – you will win by reaching the finish line in the same place where the half-marathon runners will finish right after you; – for your achievement you will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line, and you will be able to print a special certificate near the stage; – we provide the possibility of individual engraving on the medal; – time limit 50 minutes. it will allow everyone to do it, regardless of age and sports level. The patron of the event is the Local Action Group "Ślężanie". Running Bear Ślężysław is a representative of this organization. In addition to the OPEN classification, there will also be a team classification of the Association of Ślęża Communes, for the purposes of which the three best times of representatives of the communes will be summed up, including at least one woman. We are not planning any other classifications at the moment.