The Blücher Mausoleum



  • Address: 55-080 Krobielowice
The mausoleum and tomb of Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht Blücher, the commander of the Prussian army in the battles of Waterloo, Leipzig, Bautzen and during the Six Days Campaign, were built in the years 1846-1853. Blücher was the owner of the property in Korbielowice, which he received from the king of Prussia for his contribution in the fight against Napoleon. The marshal died in 1819 after falling from a horse. A year after his death, his embalmed body was transferred from the church in the nearby Wojtkowice to the crypt behind the mausoleum. The building itself was erected only 33 years later, at the initiative of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV, who commissioned the drafting to Heinrich Strack. The austere round tower, set on a pedestal with a square base, is covered by a semicircular granite dome, with Blücher's medallion, made by a sculptor named Berges, placed at the top. In August 1853, a funeral ceremony was held here and was attended by the king and many other notable people. During the ceremony, the marshal's body was moved from the tomb to the mausoleum.

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