Near Wroclaw – part 1 (the Western part)

Category: Bike trip Distance: 40.5 km Duration: 3:30 h Difficulty: łatwy

The gentle landscapes of Równina Wrocławska to the south of the town is an agricultural area, which hides a surprisingly large number of attractions. You can traverse the quiet rural roads and field paths, passing by other villages - and almost every one can boast a historical church or a palace or a court. From time to time tourists perceive the aura of mystery of penitential crosses or forsaken buildings of large farms.

The route starts on the outskirts of Wrocław - you can also depart from Wroclaw-Leśnica railway station. Then the tour route first leads through the picturesque Bystrica valley up to the beautiful Renaissance residence in Korbielowice next to the mausoleum of the Prussian Field Marshal Blücher. On the further way it is worth seeing among others the churches in Tyniec Mały and Bielany Wrocławskie. The line finishes at the southern outskirts of Wrocław (ul. Ołtarzyńska).

The line can be combined into one longer (approx. 70 km) trip with Near Wrocław - part 2 (the Eastern part).