St. Florian Church in Stary Wiązów

Stary Wiązów
The St. Florian filial church was already mentioned as a chapel in 1227. The present building was built in the 15th century in the Gothic style. In 1712, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style and was enlarged by the addition of a tower on the west side. During WWII it was partially destroyed, but it was rebuilt in the years from 1946-1947. It was restored in the years 1962-1964. The stone church has a single nave and faces east. The chancel has a square layout, buttresses, and a tower crowned by an onion shaped dome. The roof is steep, with a turret, and covered with tiles. Inside, three Baroque altars from the early 18th century deserve attention, as well as the Gothic door hinge to the sacristy and the Gothic tabernacle. Next to the church, there is a statue of St.John of Nepomuk from in 1811, built by the mayor Joseph Hansel.

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