St. Mary Mother of God and St. John the Evangelist church in Strzelin



  • Address: 57-100 Strzelin
The first church was founded here in 1130, probably by Duke Peter Włost. In 1264, a separate parish was formed here and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the Hussite wars, the church was destroyed and rebuilt in 1548. It served as the cemetery church. From 1750 to the 1980s, it served the Evangelical Reformed Czech refugees who settled in the villages of Gęsiniec and Gościęcice. After 1945, German and Czech inhabitants of Strzelin and the surrounding area emigrated, and the remaining small group of Evangelicals would use the side chapel. The church slowly deteriorated and fell into disrepair. In the 1980s it was taken over and rebuilt by the Roman Catholic parish on the grounds of an agreement with the Evangelical Church. Since 1987, it has born the name of the Mother of Christ and St. John the Evangelist. Evangelicals continue to use the side chapel, as per the agreement.

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