Church of St. Adalbert in Niemcza



  • Address: 58-230 Niemcza
One legend says that the church was founded by St. Adalbert himself, another that it was built on the spot where the cortege carrying the remains of the martyr from Gniezno to Prague in 1039 AD stopped to rest. Excavations confirm that the present church was built on the foundations of another, stone one from ca. 11Th century. The first reliable mention of the church comes from 1244 when the privilege to build the Cathedral of Wroclaw was granted here. The church then was outside the town walls. It was destroyed during the battle between the Wrocław army and the Hussites. The new church was built in its place in 1612 and served as a cemetery chapel. It often passed from hand to hand, once belonging to the Catholics, and then to the Protestants. In 1769, it was rebuilt, and the altar was restored. The next renovation was made in 1888 - the wooden bell tower and the glazed brick window frames come from that period.

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