The route of churches and chapels – Ślężanie LAG

Category: Propozycje zwiedzania
A variety of sanctuary objects located in the territory of Ślężanie LAG causes the area to be xtraordinarily attractive for travelers who like to visit churches and chapels. The objects of mixed styles and shapes can be found here, for example the mortuary chapel in Piotrówek, the church in Niemcza associated with the legend about St.Wojciech, the famous collection of renaissance epitaphs on the walls of the church in Przerzeczyn-Zdroj, or the monumental church of St. Jadwiga in Sobótka. These are only some of more than 20 monuments of sacral kind that are worth recommending. Some of them are located in big cities, the other ones are scattered in country-sides. Each of them is still an outstanding witness of the history that is worth getting acquainted with.