Palace in Korbielowice

Krobielowice , Krobielowice 21
Originally, a fortified manor was built in Korbielowice in the 14th century which, along with the village, belonged to the von Sitten family. In 1417, the property was acquired by the abbot of the monastery of St. Vincent in Olbin, and over a century later the village was taken over by the Norbertine Order. In place of the defensive structures, they built a Renaissance-style mansion out of brick that housed the monastery, which included living quarters for officials and the monks. At the turn of the 18th c., the house was expanded and took on the dimensions we see today. In 1814, monastic property was confiscated by the Prussian state. The king gave the palace to Field Marshal von Blücher, a heroic commander of the Prussian army. The Blücher family owned it until the end of World War II. They added three Baroque corner towers, the terrace, and veranda (with arcades). There was also a distillery, a brewery, and a tavern. After WWII, a nursery was operated out of the building. Later, the building was turned into a housing project for employees of state farms, and, following the 1970s, the palace was abandoned and fell into disrepair. The current owner is a New Zealander related to the Blüchers. He purchased the devastated building and rebuilt it. Currently, it houses a hotel, a restaurant, and a golf course.

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